Central Square Rahovec, KOSOVO

urban square & park, competition 2021, 1st prize

The project builds on the opportunity offered by the relocation of the football stadium to convert the central area of Rahovec into a constellation of well-articulated spaces. This intervention is framed in a larger strategy for the redevelopment of public spaces of the town. This strategy intends to enhance an alternative for motorized transportation, offering an adequate and pleasant connection of the town with the new city center. The scheme’s bold approach to urban form, a circle, provides a memorable identity for Rahovec’s city center and public life to thrive.

This scheme is able to both unite the whole site while creating unique zones for the square’s diverse edge conditions. At the center sits a large circular clearing, a wide multifunctional plaza that can accommodate large events while also providing space for daily functions of multiple actors simultaneously. The circular design of the square is supported by a canopy that connects new and existing buildings, offers an elevated promenade, creates shade and rain protection when needed, secures the pedestrian character of the area and allows for a wide range of temporary uses.