Isotroop, Bergen, NL

pavilion, competition 2022, 2nd prize

Where the landscape in Seurenheide has served the architecture for years, architecture now has the opportunity to serve the landscape. The sand and gravel from the Leukermeer and the Seurenheide lake have made our built environment possible, without asking for attention. In the same subtle way, the architecture of the new water pavilion should frame the landscape and enhance the experience of it.

The pavilion is designed and positioned as if it were an all-sided sculpture. This all-sidedness has been given shape by placing the load-bearing walls in a radial arrangement. This creates a central space surrounded by a ring of semi-open, more intimate ‘rooms’. The pavilion opens similarly in all directions, but the view is different in each direction due to the differences in program and proximity to the landscape. The radially placed walls and volumes ensure a natural organization of the necessary facilities.

The design strives for an energy-neutral building. Sustainability, energy generation and the reduction of energy consumption have been integrated into the architecture as much as possible. The walls are made of rammed earth as a reference to the former function of the surrounding landscape. The structure of the pavilion is angular, irregular and over-dimensioned. The structure looks massive and robust due to the strong earthen walls.

A large, wooden roof cantilevers differently on all sides. The finishing of the floor is also made of rammed earth. Together they provide an unambiguous, warm and sober atmosphere. An atmosphere that does not distract, so that the focus of the visitors is completely on the surrounding landscape.