Jio Health Clinic

Jio Health Clinic I

program: private clinic
location: Saigon, Vietnam
date: 2021
status: completed
area: 600 m2

Located in a mall in the city center of Saigon, the site for this private clinic is an oddly shaped longitudinal space. The clinic is divided in 3 zones:
The consultation rooms. Efficiently organized along two wide corridors, with chamfered corners.
The back of house area. Located behind a continuous and irregular shaped curved wall.
The central reception area. An open space in between the two more private areas of the clinic, providing seatings along its curved walls.
The calm material palette is used throughout the clinic; a corrugated wooden ceiling, stone floor, white walls and some inox details.
Big circular lights and ceiling light strips provide soft light in all the public areas.

Jio Health Clinic
Jio Health Clinic
Jio Health Clinic
Jio Health Clinic